Hot & Crazy Hair Color ocean blue 44 – 100ml

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HOT & CRAZY by LONGWELL, is a direct coloring semi-permanent coloring cream. Its formula created with color intensifying pigments, without ammonia and without oxidizers, increase the intensity of the color and guarantee the health and shine of the hair. Product ready for use. VEGAN PRODUCT.

Available in 9 colors: 40 Vermillion, 41 Cyclamen, 42 Hot Pink,43 Violet, 44 Ocean Blue, 56 Fire Red, 59 Sky Blue, 61 Burgundy, 62 Hot Purple



  • Ionic dyes: State-of-the-art pigments that adhere to the hair, achieving vibrant colors full of intensity. (No oxidant - No ammonia).


After shampooing hair, remove excess moisture and evenly apply pigment HOT & CRAZY about the hair. Wear gloves. Do not mix with Oxidant. Let it act for 15-30 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

To ensure color turns out as expected, perform a strand test prior to application. To achieve optimal results, apply to previously lightened or bleached hair.


Hair dyes can cause allergic reactions. This product is not intended for use on persons under the age of sixteen. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately with plenty of water. Do not use to tint eyebrows or eyelashes. Wear appropriate gloves. In the case of skin reactions such as redness, itching or rashes, rinse immediately and do not continue using. It is recommended to carry out a Sensitivity Test for 48 h. before applying the product.