Longwell, con el arte y la música, toda una inspiración

Longwell, with art and music, an inspiration

"AMALGAMA" a new audiovisual creation by the artist and musician Álvaro Anaya. Inspired by the journey of a bride in search of her authentic self, the work takes place in a unique and peculiar space enveloped by the magical breeze of the Tramuntana in Mallorca. An inspiring journey where...

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Crema para manos y pies “Hands & Feet” Longwell

Longwell Hands & Feet Cream

Hand and foot creams have been, for many people, the great forgotten in their daily routine. They are an essential beauty complement for our day to day and especially for summer, especially so that the skin of our hands and feet looks perfect. We know that, in the changes of...

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Embajadores: Maikel Santos

Ambassadors: Maikel Santos

The star of Colorimetry! The Master of Color Fantasy. Maikel Santos a story of overcoming. Maikel began in the world of hairdressing in a self-taught way. Since he was very little, he was attracted to cutting machines, scissors and combs. His great passion and love for...

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