Permanent Coloration in Cream. 120ml

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Longwell® Hair Colors is a permanent coloration that combines active ingredients based on SILK PROTEINS.

SILK COLORS is a permanent coloration cream with a low concentration of ammonia, which combines active principles based on SILK PROTEINS. Silk proteins provide the hair with hydration, a firming and protective effect on the hair fiber, decreases brittleness, facilitates combing and increases the natural shine of the hair.


  • 100% for gray coverage.
  • Defined and long-lasting colors.
  • Intense and bright reflections.
  • Treating and cosmetic effect.
  • Extraordinary shine.

Active principles

SILK COLORS LONGWELL dye is formulated based on an evolved cosmetic base, with a low ammonia content. Its success is largely due to the following state-of-the-art active ingredients that give it a treating and cosmetic effect:

Silk Hydrolyzate: Vegetable protein that provides a protective barrier. It confers moisturizing properties that provide luster, softness and volume. Facilitates hair combability.

Conditioning Actives: of maximum concentration that gives the hair softness and shine.

How to use

Start applying the product in the area where gray hair abounds. Let act 30 minutes. If necessary, move to ends 10 minutes before removing the color. If it is dyed with a shade lighter than the current one, start at the nape of the neck. In case of virgin hair, apply the mixture on the
means and ends, leaving to act for 15 minutes. Then apply to the roots and leave on for 30 minutes.

Apply preferably on dry, unwashed hair.
Wear appropriate gloves.
Do not use metallic instruments (tweezers, comb, bowl…).
Apply the mixture generously to the roots to ensure excellent coverage of gray hair.
It is essential to respect these exposure times


Gray Coverage:

With SILK COLORS you get a perfect coverage of gray hair. It is important to take into account the amount (%) of gray hair, since the nuances of the color can increase the intensity of the reflection of the desired tone, so we recommend following the advice in the following table. We also recommend depositing the dye abundantly on the hair and using SILK COLORS 20 Vol oxidant.

SILK COLORS has developed a line of bases+ especially indicated for mature gray hair, punished or damaged by external agents. Result: Naturally rebellious gray hair is completely covered and with a natural appearance.

General application advice on gray hair: The application guidelines of the base tone will always be at the discretion of the professional.