Deco Plex. Sachet 25 g.

The Bleaching Powder especially indicated for intense bleaching. It allows a lightening level of up to 9 shades. Incorporates technology LONGPLEX that helps rebuild and protect the bonds of the capillary structure.

Contains a high concentration of Polycondensed sugars and conditioning agents that protect the hair throughout the bleaching process. Non-volatile formula, avoids overloading of the environment.


  • Maximum care and protection.
  • Maximum whitening up to 9 shades.
  • Increases the strength, resistance and elasticity of the hair
  • Reduces aggressions to the hair fiber, effectively avoiding breakage in the hair structure.

Active principles

  • Longplex: Vegetable protein asset that provides a nutritive effect. Repairs the hair fiber in depth, prevents hair breakage and guarantees the health of the hair, reducing the sensation of irritation and itching.
  • Persulfate: It is the main component of the formula, it releases active oxygen in its decomposition process, contributing to increase the bleaching effect of peroxide (Oxygenated water).

How to use

Deposit the necessary dose in a non-metallic container. Mix with DIAMOND extra creamy hydrogen peroxide and stir well until a homogeneous cream is obtained. The exposure time and the volumes of hydrogen peroxide will be according to professional criteria, the state of the hair and the tones to be lightened. It is recommended to mix with hydrogen peroxide of no more than 40vol. Do not exceed the exposure time more than 35 min.


Wear suitable gloves. Do not use for discoloration of eyelashes and eyebrows. Avoid prolonged inhalation of dust. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Follow the instructions for use.